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It has been sunny and clear lately where I live. This time of year, especially, it can be overcast and gloomy - not at all my favorite type of weather. The other day I was out driving and happened to get a view of the mountains west of the Puget Sound. I was flabbergasted by how gorgeous they are. I hadn't seen them from that vantage point before and honestly did not know that they looked that way. I have lived in this area for almost two years. It got me thinking about how we perceive things and how they actually are.

I recently had the experience of doing a reading for someone that I thought did not go well at all. It really got me down and had me questioning my path and what I am offering to the world. I am good at letting small setbacks derail me completely. Several days later I received an email saying it was a wonderful reading, and how accurate it was. What a great example of how my perspective was completely different than that of another person who shared the same experience. I am very hard on myself and often don't like how I look, but my husband thinks I'm beautiful. I often hear other people say that they are ugly or fat, or not good enough in one way or another, while I find them to be beautiful, intelligent and a blessing to this world. It is easy to believe that our perspective is the only one, or the right one, but those mountains are there whether we can see them or not.

Instead of trusting everything that we think, what we see, or what we believe, maybe instead we should be more fluid in our perceptions. It would go a long way towards getting along better with our fellow humans and ourselves. What if what you perceive is not even real? How would that change how you go about things? There is much more depth in the universe than what we perceive. It only takes a shift in perspective to experience so much more.

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