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An Abundance of Rosehips

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Even as we head into winter nature still provides an abundance of fruit and beauty. Every berry was once a bloom and that bloom came from the bush that was once a seed. We may not see where the seeds that we plant will flourish and grow, but we can be assured that there will be an abundance of fruit from our energy and efforts. These berries may have been challenged with frost, drought or predation by animals, but there are enough of them to continue on to create more. Just as we are challenged, we can persevere with beauty and grace and trust that we will bear fruit. The rose bush never asks how or when it will bloom, it just does so vibrantly providing shelter and food for it’s animal brethren. The bush itself is a thing of beauty with it’s light green leaves in spring, the full and rich deep green of summer, the glorious color of the fall leaves and the stark stems of winter. Change is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Challenge is beautiful. Even death is beautiful. Rebirth is glorious.

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