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Being Psychic

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

What does it mean to be psychic? What image comes to mind when you think of what a psychic looks like or does? Does it mean you can predict the future, get the winning lottery numbers or read other's minds? Not necessarily. At least not for me. For me it looks like daily life. It is often just knowing things. They aren't usually earth shattering things, it's just knowing the outcome, knowing the right answer or knowing what someone will do or say. I also have an uncanny sense of direction. This is what being psychic looks like on a daily basis for me. When doing readings, I tune into the energy of the person, animal or spirit that I am reading for. I tune into the energy of their being, the situation, the past, present, future, or their potential. It comes to me in images, words, feelings and in knowing. It is reading the energy, something that we all do in small ways on a daily basis, I just open myself up and direct my focus.

I think many of us have a certain idea of what it means to be psychic, a medium or an animal communicator, and while it is different for everyone, in my experience it is natural and something that we all have. Some of us have just refined our abilities. There is a belief that you have to be third generation, trained by the best, seeing spirits everywhere you go, etc. to be a medium. My experience has been much different. I had always held mediumship on a pedestal, available only to the gifted few, something that I certainly was not. I had a couple of experiences as a child of "ghosts" or spirits, but don't remember much else. I have always been an empath. My first real experience of mediumship came to me when I was taking a course on animal communication and the first reading I did was for a dog who had crossed over. It never occurred to me that was mediumship. Later on during the same training I had a reading scheduled and prior to the reading I kept smelling my grandfathers cologne. I couldn't figure out why, but during the reading my client's relative came through about purchasing some property. It made total sense why I would be reminded of my grandpa as he had purchased a vast amount of land and it was very important to him in life. Fast forward a few years and many readings with animals in spirit and I signed up for a course on mediumship. When doing our practice sessions I found that it comes as easily and naturally as animal communication. I had let years of hearing "mediums are born, not made", "all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums" and "I wouldn't trust any medium unless they were trained by so-and-so and have been in practice for 1,000 years" lead me to believe that I could not be a medium, and only an exalted few were. While I hear of others that see spirits everywhere they go and everywhere that they live is haunted, that is not my experience. I can open up and experience them sometimes, but I do have to shift my perspective. I think that everyone's experience is different and that is ok.

My main reason for sharing this today is so to help you understand what being psychic, intuitive or a medium may look like. Our abilities are as varied as we are and with practice and the right training anyone can advance those abilities. Don't let others make you feel inferior because you have a different experience with your gifts.

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2020년 1월 31일

Thanks for sharing this. I've never known a real medium so I pretty much thought it was all very mysterious when, in reality, it's really totally "normal." Had another event of consequence about a week ago and was able to respond appropriately by knowing the possible outcomes.

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