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Rhiannon is a caring and gifted animal communicator and healing energy worker. She has the animal’s best interest at heart, and readily identifies areas needing healing. Her work resonated and paralleled with my observations. I trust Rhiannon with ease and grace.   

Rebecca G

I loved my psychic reading with Rhiannon. Her proficiency shines in how she delivers her messages clearly, with structure and accuracy. 
I could tell my guides were present and she navigated my inquiries and their responses very well. I felt really good about the insight I received for my situation and I highly recommend her!

Alexandrya, Ontario Canada

Rhiannon is a very professional person, patient and attentive. I also find her to be calm, composed…a very gentle person. Going by my experience with Rhiannon, I believe she has chosen the right path being involved in animal energy work.

Brenda K.

Rhiannon picked up well on his personality and on things that she wouldn’t have known otherwise. I received a lot more helpful information than I expected. It was very detailed and she answered all the questions I had thoroughly. Rhiannon’s compassionate nature shines through and I think she can effectively help many animals and their humans on many levels. Things she picked up on were very accurate. She has a natural talent.

Shonna M

Rhiannon was amazing as usual, my pets really responded to her and I could tell that it made a huge difference. She is compassionate and relays her findings with love and understanding.

Tiffany S

Rhiannon is very gifted in Animal Energy work!  She even got my normally not talkative Shiba Inu to open up. If you are looking for in-depth answers and solutions, Rhiannon is the practitioner to see!

Deb R

Rhiannon was very professional and has a loving and caring manner not only for Indy’s welfare but caring for me as well.

Cathy M

I was very impressed and appreciative of the time Rhiannon spent on this reading. It helped me understand my dog and should improve our relationship. Cool stuff!   
Nancy T

Nancy T

Rhiannon is a skilled and intuitive communicator. I was greatly impressed with the fact that Gus was eating his kibble in the evening on the same day she communicated with him and how he had told her that his old food reminded him of Abby. Also him mentioning peas and carrots, which his new food has.

Jamie S

Rhiannon is very personal and gets feelings and follows the dogs. The dogs show her what they want to convey and she follows through on providing the information to the owner.

Gloria J

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