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Many times in life we may find ourselves in a place that is in-between. We may be in-between seasons, occasions, careers, relationships or phases in our lives. During this transitional time it is important to take time to reflect on what has come to pass and what we are wanting to create in the future. The in-between places can feel stagnant, uninspiring or leave us with a sense of trepidation not knowing what will come next for us. Instead of feeling defeated or uncertain take this time to be proactive, to be purposeful and to practice self care. Just as this tree is shedding it's leaves from this year, there is no doubt that next Spring will bring new buds. Trust in knowing that if one door closes, another will open and new opportunities can arrive with the shifting winds. Take the time to celebrate how far you have come and to grieve any losses you have experienced as well as taking the time to consciously create the future you would like to experience. Let the moments in your life that are in-between create space and room for you to grow.

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