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Being Unseen

Many of us go through life wishing to remain hidden or unseen afraid that if we are noticed we will be hurt or disappointed. I have created an art of being unseen. Children were meant to be seen and not heard and I was not encouraged to express myself. It was paralyzing for me to ask for the simplest things and I would often spend hours working up the courage to ask for a need. If I were drowning would I even be unable to ask for help? I have managed to remain hidden in careers, relationships and in society. Lately I have been asking my self how this serves me. (Spoiler alert: it does not).

What if we were to be seen and heard? Would the world stop spinning, the stars fall from the sky? Or would we add our own depth and dimension to a world greatly in need of our flavor of beauty and the resonance of our voice. By remaining unseen are we denying the world of us, our magic, our wonder and most of all are we harming ourselves by not letting love find us?

I am tired of being unseen. I would like my voice to be heard, my needs to be expressed and my light to shine. Who am I to deny the world such gifts? I am here. I AM.

Is it time for you to be seen? I SEE you.

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